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Hey, remember when I passed along that story about Brett Ratner getting a BJ from a trannie?  Back then I was sort of busting his balls because he’s a crappy director, but now I’m genuinely creeped out.  In this video, originally posted on /Film, Brett Ratner films while he and Michael Jackson dance to R. Kelly in the car.  No, you’re not hallucinating.  I can’t put my finger on exactly what’s so GD creepy about this. My best guess is that it feels like a cross between the Car Full of Guidos video and the Mini-me sex tape.   Let that bounce around your subconscious for a while.

Jackson apparently also visited the set of Red Dragon, and Ratner had plenty more creepy things to say about him in this interview with the A/V Club:

AVC: I remember growing up, he was the most famous person in the world.

BR: It’s not even that. It’s like the people who create something. Mozart is much more famous than Napoleon, for instance. Mozart is creating something that’s lasting forever in music. Michael does not even belong. It’s like God is channeling through him. Even if he sits here with us, and just sings like three notes, it’s like, “Oh my God.” It’s beyond anything. I’ve worked with a hundred of the biggest artists in the world, from Madonna to Mariah Carey, and he is just beyond. He’s at a whole other level, spiritually. He’s got the God spot. Everyone has it, everyone has that God spot, but it’s just the way he’s in tune with it. He has it. It’s right there, and when he starts to sing, God has just opened it up for him. That’s why he’s not comfortable around people and things, because he’s just such a unique—he feels blessed just to be himself. “I can’t believe I’m Michael Jackson.” [Laughs.] That’s what it is, really. He is one of the most unique people. I’ve spent a lot of time with him, so has Chris. Just sitting in the back of a car, and music playing, and then him, he moves like God is going through him. Not to knock Usher or anybody else, but you see when they’re dancing, they’re like, “One, two, three, four.” He’s just like, natural. He’s amazing, he really is amazing. He’s got a bad rap, but the truth is, he’s a child. Michael Jackson never grew up, but that’s what makes him so special.

Ahh, I see, he’s like a child and a trannie.  No wonder Ratner loves him so much.

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