Various Retailers Have Set Up Preorder Pages For The SNES Classic, But Getting One Will Still Be Tough

Nintendo has promised to deliver far more stock of the SNES Classic than the nearly impossible to find NES Classic, but retailers are already scrambling to set up a way to get the glorious little systems packed full of wonderful games into the hands of consumers at the suggested retail price.

In the U.S., Amazon, Walmart, and Best Buy have already set up preorder landing pages (which are only there to notify shoppers when the preorders open, use that system now while you still can), but the reality is that these will still be damn hard to find. At least at first. Take the United Kingdom, for example.

In the U.K., preorders have opened, and many were already scooped up by third-party sellers who have been selling the preorders (not the systems, the preorders) for massive markups. One sold for nearly the equivalent of $400 dollars while many are going for double the retail price of $79.99.

This black market invasion by third-party sellers is sure to take place Stateside as soon as the preorders open, so the absolute best way to make sure you get your hands on one of these beauties is by signing up to get emailed by every outlet that has preorder notifications set up, being vigilant to set up any push notifications you can so the moment they push the button, you can move with the swiftness, and a healthy amount of praying to the deity that is Shigeru Miyamoto.