Restaurants Are Using ‘Pokemon Go’ To Lure In Customers


Pokémon Go is on a steady march to take over the world. It’s bigger than Tinder or Twitter, and players are finding Pokémon in the most unexpected of places. Increasingly, that includes restaurants, who are using the game to lure in customers.

For those yet to be absorbed into the hive mind, Pokémon Go is a game where you walk around and, as you explore, find little creatures hiding in the various nooks and crannies of the place where you live. The more you walk, the more monsters you find and the rarer the monsters get. This has meant many, many people are out and about, getting exercise, in groups, and some restaurant owners are cashing in.

Pokémon Go has various items you can buy to improve the game, and one of them is a “lure module,” which lays bait for Pokémon and means more of them show up in certain areas of the map. As you might expect, for individual players, it’s expensive at $10 a pop, in the game, and it only lasts a day. But for a restaurant, it means you’ve got herds of nerds walking up to your place of business and increasing your chances at more business for the cost of two pints of beer.

Or you could do what one Dairy Queen does, and only let players in the door if they’re buying a Blizzard to go with their Charmander. Hey, there’s only so far Pokémon trainers will go for each other.

(Via Eater)