Nintendo Stealthily Opened Up SNES Classic Preorders When No One Was Looking

It was a normal, peaceful Sunday. Comic-Con was, for the most part, finished with anything truly worth hanging around a San Diego convention center and it was time to go home. For the people who followed along around the world, this was when they could get away from the TVs and monitors while knowing they wouldn’t be missing the latest and greatest trailer coming out of Hall H.

It was time to relax.

Then, like a band of ninjas in the night, Nintendo allowed select retailers open up preorders on the SNES Classic, because that’s what bands of ninjas do in the night. And like that, the preorders on Walmart’s website were gone.

Even if you were lucky enough to be coherent around 4-5am Sunday morning, you may have still missed out due to a stocking error on the Walmart website. It was a true nightmare scenario.

Not only did Walmart have preorders open, but Nintendo’s UK site also had a good amount of stock open for the Super Famicom Classic, or so it seems from the tales told on various message boards. So, gamers continued their search in earnest, getting the same old song in dance they’ve gotten for months. The dream of a future with the much-improved SNES Classic would be just that. A dream.

The only thing left to wait for is Amazon, Best Buy, and Target opening up their preorders sometime in the early morning when no one is expecting it. That, or pay three or four times the asking price on the black market once the time comes.

(Via Kotaku)