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12.30.09 4 Comments

Walyou posted a compilation of anti-theft gadgets, two of which were particularly spectacular.  The first (video below) is an auto-targeting paintball gun turret which shoots at anything that approaches it.  Take that, fuzzy bunnies on the lawn.  I saw Monty Python and the Holy Grail.  I know your game you adorable rouges.

The second (more pictures below) is a unique car burglar alarm.  I’ll let Walyou explain it:

The Tesla Coils Car Burglar Alarm is an innovative and bright project that grants a light show for neighbors, passerby and others who come near this vehicle. Once the switch is turned on, a burglar could trigger the device, in turn locking themselves within the Tesla circle.

I want to drive one of these bad boys through a mall, Blues Brothers style.  Build-a-bears be all bursting into flames.  Mass hysteria.

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