Bruce Campbell Officiates Zombie Wedding

11.05.10 7 years ago 3 Comments

I imagine waking up in the morning as Bruce Campbell must be a pretty awesome experience. Aside from being the spokesman for America’s strongest chin and the proud owner of more Hawaiian shirts than I can shake a dead fist at, Bruce also gets to proudly reflect on the amazing Evil Dead legacy that he’s left behind. Fans still pour out in droves at the opportunity to see Ash in action, so popular in fact that a contest was recently held to find one lucky couple who would win the chance to have a zombie-themed wedding officiated by Mr. Campbell, himself. To add even more sugar on top of an already diabetic shock-induced wedding cake, Ted Raimi came along for the ride as Campbell’s personal altar boy at the ceremony (no sexual innuendo intended whatsoever).

Separate from the winning couple’s nuptial vows, Bruce, with the assist from Raimi, also performed a mass suicide renewal of zombie-themed wedding vows for a much larger audience on the night. Footage of the, dare I say, awkward mass vow renewal can be found below. I count maybe twenty to twenty one couples in total as the audience? Seems like just the right number of participants to make both Bruce and Ted ask the other “Why again did we agree to do this?” But hey, Campbell and Raimi do an outstanding job. I mean, even I can respect the sanctity of marriage, just so long as the dude officiating the whole thing is rocking a bright red tux and my wife is vomiting up blood. It all sounds much more like a bar mitzvah than a wedding, if you ask me -but don’t take my word for it, I’m just some hopeless romantic who wears a Hypercolor shirt to work.

Video of the mass necromancy after the jump:

With an undead ‘thank you’ to ToplessRobot.

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