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The international trailer for the remake of 80’s Greek-action-flick Clash of the Titans is out and features much of what we’ve seen before: a Cloverfield-style Kraken, the obligatory giant scorpions and Liam Neeson rocking a beard that’d make even ZZ Top envious. We do get some new shots of Bond-girl Gemma Arterton as helpful goddess Io, so there’s that.

I’m actually starting to look forward to this CGI-monsterfest, but then I’m a sucker for big, stupid action movies, and this certainly seems to be all of those things. I’ve even come to accept the loss of the Bubo, the golden clockwork owl that was as annoying as every Ewok put together and combined with those robots from Batteries Not Included. But I’m still weirded out by that bald eagle behind Liam Neeson at 1:40. Is Olympus in North America all of a sudden? Will they be fighting giant, monstrous turkeys next? Aw, who am I kidding? I’d watch that movie too.

[IGN via Slashfilm]

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