Deadpool Might Have A Boyfriend In Future Movies

One of the reasons Deadpool is so popular in the comics world is that he is who he is, regardless of what people say, or try to do to him over it. That extends to his sex life, and it’s something his movies may reflect going forward.

The creative team for the movie was quizzed on whether or not Deadpool would have a boyfriend and everybody seems open to it. Ryan Reynolds, director Tim Miller, and producer Simon Kinberg, when asked about it, all said they’d like to see it happen, and the script makes a few references to it despite it being a movie about saving the girl.

Deadpool might be in a unique place to make this happen, believe it or not. Generally, the big roadblock to gay leads isn’t moviegoers in America; anybody who’d blow a fuse over that doesn’t go to movies anyway, something Hollywood marketing departments are fully aware of. No, the issue is foreign filmgoers. Hollywood makes a lot of money from foreign box office, China in particular, and they’re worried about alienating them. But because Deadpool is already banned in China, and Fox is going to make a pile of money off the movie anyway, it’s a non-issue; Deadpool can be as flirty as he wants to be with whoever he wants.

That said, you do have to wonder who his boyfriend would be. Northstar is a little too conservative to date Deadpool, and Iceman is still coming to terms with being outed by his teenage self and Jean Grey. Uh, maybe Shatterstar?

(Via Variety)

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