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A Taiwanese man wanted to build something practical for his house while also pleasing his son who is a huge Transformers fan.  Well, nothing says “practical household item” like a 14-foot-tall clothes drying rack made from $1,600 worth of scrap metal.  Sounds crazy?  Did I mention it looks like Optimus Prime?  Not so crazy now, is it?  Well, not crazy in a relative sense, say for example, compared to there being a Robot Heaven and Shia LaBeouf going there to meet this drying rack’s ancestors.

More pictures below, along with a somewhat related and awesome video of Paul Merton interviewing Mr. Woo, a Chinese man with no formal education who taught himself how to build small robots with other people’s trash.  Man, I feel lame.  All I ever do with other people’s trash is make papier-mâché replicas of them for the shrine cellar.

[Via OddityCentral and UniqueDaily]

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