Dude Sets New World Record For That Video Game With The Ostriches

10.28.10 7 years ago 5 Comments

Hey, remember the time you and I did a bunch of whippits together and then tried riding that ostrich at the arcade? Well sure, of course you do -because that afternoon with me was the best day of your life (not confirmed). Anyway, that little game with the ostriches and the knights and the eggs and the mounting frustration, called Joust, well that game has been holding a high score of 107,216,700 for the past 25 years, a record that just got trumped.

The gloating stack of masculinity you see in the banner pic above is none other than video game pro John McAllister (pictured with the Asteroids arcade machine he also holds the high score record for). HATERS GONE HATE, but John gets to laugh all the way to the bank. Check the video after the jump of McAllister getting absolutely medieval with Joust’s state of the art gameplay. I can’t really explain how he pulls off some of these moves on an arcade machine, all I know is that if I had the hand-eye-coordination that this guy does, I’d probably walk around telling women that I was an actual Jedi.

Video after the jump:

Special thanks to Buzzfeed for the tip.

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