Ego Case Sues Heroes Over His Totally Original Ideas

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05.20.10 22 Comments

Life must be tough for Tim Kring right now. After blaming the fans for how much “Heroes” sucked, seeing his show get canceled, and just generally getting handed a couple of kicks to the nards, he needed a long, hard laugh.

And good for Jazan Wild, whoever he may be, to give the poor man a laugh.

Wild has just filed a lawsuit claiming that “Heroes” totally ripped off his comic book “Carnival of Souls”, which is a totally original title that no popular horror classic has ever had before. It’s about dark forces at a carnival, which is a completely original and non-cliche idea. And the thievery of the work of Jazan Wild, brilliant artist who doesn’t even merit a Wikipedia entry, is just so blatant! A few examples under the cut:

Before you ask, yes, he filed all of these as evidence. In court. As you can see, this thievery is shameless! Shameless!

We look forward to Jazan Wild’s entry on TVTropes’ hall of fame for people like him. Somehow, we doubt it’ll be the last on him.

[ via Robot 6 at Comic Book Resources. Be sure to check the comments, there’s some gold. ]

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