Feel Like Making a DIY Tablet?

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09.16.10 2 Comments

The unassuming little item to your right is the $170 Insignia Infocast, an “Internet media display”, in other words, a Chumby for those who don’t feel like buying the padded version. It’s also turning into the first steps to a DIY tablet.

The Infocast already runs a Linux distro, has an 800 MHz processor, Wi-Fi, a touchscreen, and a couple of USB ports, so really all that needed to happen was for Webkit to be imported and the software’s already there. The next big challenge? Running it on battery power. The Infocast is designed to be plugged into the wall.

On the other hand, these are Linux nerds we’re talking about. They want to hack everything to run the One True OS, so we’re pretty sure that something so paltry as a battery issue isn’t going to stop them.

By the way, if you want to try building your Linux tablet from the ground up, there’s a kit for that.

[ via Wired ]

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