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Can you think of any British show that was improved by remaking it for the states? Nope, neither can we. (Sure, the US Office has it’s moments, but it’s nowhere near as depressingly funny as the original British series.)

So, get ready to watch the destruction of another great Brit series, as Fox has announced that it is developing a US-version of the Doctor Who spin-off series Torchwood. If you haven’t seen it, Torchwood is the darker younger sibling of Doctor Who – which, despite all the deaths, is still considered a kids program in Britain. The show follows a group of above-the-government agents who protect Britain from alien and extraterrestrial threats, like child-stealing faeries or aliens who live off the energy of human orgasms. So, the usual stuff.

The one ray of hope is that the original Torchwood producing team is involved – the pilot will be written by series creator (and Doctor Who revamp showrunner) Russell T. Davies, and executive producers Julie Gardner and Jane Tranter are on board. There’s also speculation that some of the cast may come across the Atlantic to star in it. That said, the US version will apparently have more of a “global” feel to it, so we’re betting it won’t be set in Britain, let alone Wales, which we’re betting most Americans have ever heard of.

But even if it doesn’t crashes and burns, we’re still going to be getting a fourth series of the original UK show this year. So, there’s that.

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