Galactus is Real, Start Worshipping Cthulhu Now

05.21.10 8 years ago 2 Comments

Remember that terrible ending to that terrible Fantastic Four fanfilm that somehow got released as a major motion picture, where the Silver Surfer flew into a cloud and blew it up, mangling one of Marvel’s classic storylines? It turns out that at least one part of that wasn’t a total let-down, and Galactus might actually be this amorphous cloud-like entity instead of some dude in a purple suit so baked his pupils have gone square.

Specifically, it’s the WASP-12 yellow dwarf star, which is in the process of chowing down on WASP 12-B, the planet closest to it. Right now, it’s just snacking on the atmosphere, but it’s already warped the poor planet, 40 times the size of Jupiter, into the shape of a football, and it’s probably going to swallow the whole thing pretty soon. You might want to read this important religious tract to prepare for the inevitable.

[ via io9 ]

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