George Miller Explains Why His ‘Justice League’ Movie Fell Through

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It’s one of the great lost superhero movies: George Miller, the director of the Mad Max movies, nearly made Justice League. Over the years, there’s been a lot of discussion of why it didn’t happen, but Miller, it turns out, explains that it was just a matter of bad timing.

Miller recently did a far-ranging interview with the Hollywood Reporter that touches on everything from the movies he watched as a kid to his conversations with Stanley Kubrick. But when asked about Justice League, Miller’s pretty concise:

That was, oh, seven years ago, I think. And there was a really great script… And we cast it really quickly and we mounted it very quickly. And it depended on a start date and it depended on some basic rebate legislation that had just got through a new Australian government. But it was just too big a decision for them to make in the time. And that fell through and the whole film fell through.

Just as interesting, Miller notes that the same problem happened to Fury Road three separate times before it finally got made, underlining just how hard and expensive making a modern action movie can be. He also notes that what most scared him on the set was safety, so he might need to get over that a bit before we see another Mad Max movie. But hopefully somebody at Warner Bros. is asking Ben Affleck if he really wants to direct a Batman movie, or if perhaps Miller could take over.

(via the Hollywood Reporter)

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