‘Ghostbusters’ Reveals Its Villains In A New Trailer

Following up on the most disliked movie trailer of all time (for the reasons you’d expect), Ghostbusters has decided to lay out a bit more of the plot in the followup and show off some more of the action. It also goes out of its way to confirm a few things we’ve suspected thanks to the toys.

First off, Chris Hemsworth’s minifig did not lie; he does indeed get possessed by a ghost and seems to be, or at least heavily controlled by, the bad guy in the plot. It also appears to hinge around a paranormal amplifier of sorts, which explains why the ladies need to saddle up.

Another confirmation? They will indeed be fighting a giant version of the classic Ghostbusters logo, and it really, really needs some busting:

Somehow, the jaunty bow tie just does not pair well with the half-burned face, razor-sharp teeth, and look of untrammeled rage. That said, this appears to be after said giant ghost has a run-in with the crew, as the toy has him with a full face and a cheery, if still fanged, smile.

Beyond that, it looks like the city will get completely trashed, which is in line with tradition. But we’ll find out just how much property damage the spectral forces, and unlicensed nuclear devices, can dish out July 15.

(Via Facebook)