Guy Builds Giant Bender in Minecraft

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10.14.10 4 Comments


We’ve posted before about odd things made in Minecraft, but this is my favorite. Redditor WanderingGuru built the Pharaoh Bender statue from Futurama season 4 episode 7 “A Pharaoh to Remember”.  And he even pimped out the interior:

You get in through the right foot (Bender’s left) and there are 2 ladders, one going down into the mines and another going up into the chest. Inside the chest are 4 giant trees (got lucky and all 4 grew to near max height) and a ladder that you can climb up with spots to an exit out the back of the head, a ledge behind the eyes where you can see out, and then finally exits on top of his head behind the antenna. If you are in the torso you can exit by going down the other leg witch turns into a small water-slide that dumps you out into the entrance of the mines. [Reddit]

Amazingly, he made this in the Alpha variant of the game, where you have to mine every block you use.  Sure, he could have used the Classic variant instead and finished this in less than the 12 to 18 hours it took him, but then it wouldn’t be recreating the statue to Bender’s exact specifications.  It may even be too exact if you ask me.

Also, here’s a ten minute loop of my favorite part of that episode:

I heard if you watch this whole video, you can Triforce.


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