‘Independence Day: Resurgence’ Remembers ‘The War Of 1996’ In A New Featurette

05.03.16 2 years ago 5 Comments

Independence Day: Resurgence has a fairly intriguing premise, in that twenty years have passed in real time, and humanity has cannibalized and rebuilt alien technology to defend ourselves from another invasion. We’ve also unified as a species, because there’s nothing quite like gooey aliens with massive death rays to make people set aside their differences.

Fox is going all-in on the setting, to the point where they’re making straight-faced CNN-esque retrospectives like the one above. This featurette has a whole bunch of new footage woven in with the talking head interviews and re-editing of footage from the original movie to look like it was shot on VHS in 1996, to boot. Among other things, we see those fancy anti-gravity jets doing a Blue Angels-esque stunt with the national flags of the pilots hanging behind them, Jeff Goldblum monkeying with alien technology, and we also get to meet the son of Will Smith’s character, who seems to be living in the shadow of dear ol’ Dad. We even get a hint as to why Bill Pullman is an ex-president–apparently he was paranoid the aliens would come back and blow us up. So, um, at least he gets some validation?

We’re curious to see just what happens when aliens pop in to get some revenge and discover we’ve got ray guns, too. We’ll see how that plays out June 24.

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