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If you’re desperate for more Iron Man 2 footage (and really, who isn’t?), a new French featurette is out that hypes up the fact that they shot the racecar scenes in Monaco. We also get some new footage of Tony walking through a jail…which is in French with no subtitles, so who knows what they’re saying. (Apparently, it’s Tony going to see Whiplash, presumably after all that racetrack shenanigans.)

It’s that prison scene that has people really interested, as there’s a part where the camera pans away from Tony and starts to focus on a bearded man getting his picture taken, which some people are saying is The Mighty Thor in a cameo. (Check out the picture and featurette after the jump.)

Now, here’s the shot:

I’ll be damned if I know if that’s Thor or just some Monaco hobo. Still, it’s not like Marvel doesn’t love putting cameos in for their upcoming films. So, until proof comes out, I choose to believe that this is Thor, who’s about to get a delousing fit for a god.

[Cinemablend via Io9]

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