Krysten Ritter Explains Why She Never Wanted To Portray ‘Jessica Jones’ As A Superhero

The Netflix series Jessica Jones, anchored by lead actress Krysten Ritter, has picked up a fair deal of accolades and praise since its original release back in November. While Emmy talk has been heating up it is difficult to ignore what Ritter and show creator Melissa Rosenberg were able to do with what could have turned into the average, cliche superhero show. Instead Jessica Jones told a story about a conflicted young women who dealt with past abuses, the weight of her powers all while trying to carve out a life of her own.

Kyrsten Ritter spoke with Deadline about how she approached the role of Jessica Jones and how she didn’t want to portray the titular character as a superhero, but more as a character who happened to have super powers, with them as an accent of the character, not the defining factor:

“When I was building the character, I felt like if I threw a punch and somebody is going through a wall because of it that was because she was so strong inside. [Her powers] was just an extension of what she really is.”

Indeed Jessica Jones felt quite different from the average superhero fare, which helped to earn itself the fandom and praise that it has received. The series has been renewed by Netflix for a second season, although it is still unclear when it will hit the streaming service. All of that depends on Marvel’s plans for their upcoming series on Netflix and where Jessica Jones fits into that timeline.

(Via Deadline)