Krysten Ritter Thinks Jessica Jones Is A ‘Real F*cking Misfit’

Be honest. How many of you called out “sick” from work today to binge watch Jessica Jones, or at the very least have your snacks in hand as you head home to stay up until an ungodly hour tonight? Thought so.

Krysten Ritter, the star of the series, sat down with Entertainment Weekly to talk about the character of Jessica, what it was like filming the show, and to confirm that David Tennant is as talented and lovely as you would expect. We’ve written about how well Ritter fits the character before, and she further proves here that Marvel is still the best around for pitch-perfect casting.

“She represses a lot of her abilities. She kind of wants nothing to do with it, but when she has to, she will rise to the occasion. She’s super strong. She’s a bit of a brawler. She can fly, but not well … at all. So she doesn’t do that often, because she’s so bad at it. She’s just not a very good superhero. She’s a real misfit. She’s a real f—ing misfit.”

Ritter also commented on how Jessica Jones joins Daredevil as something completely new for Marvel.

“It’s darker. This is unlike anything Marvel has done before. People are going to be surprised by that. I think your mind goes to a certain place when you think of Marvel. I think the most exciting thing about them is their ability to execute things really well. This is them doing something completely different.”

Why are you still reading? Time to fire up Netflix!

(Via Entertainment Weekly)