Jobs and Woz Were Phreaks

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09.09.10 4 Comments

It’s a slow news week, so here’s a classic story recently revisited by

In the second video below, Woz and Crunch talk about how Jobs and Woz were once caught using a blue box and (spoiler alert, I guess) convinced the police it was a synthesizer.  One of the officers handed it back to them and said, “A guy named Moog beat you to it.”

In another interview not on video, John Draper said Woz used to sell blue boxes for $150 apiece to pay for schooling and the computer project which later became the Apple I.  Instead of getting all judgemental about it, I should just admit I was one of those dorks who had a T-shirt in school with blue box schematics on it.  And another one with red box schematics.  I was so getting laid like crazy you guys.

[Hat tip and one long toot on a Captain Crunch whistle to myoldmac.]

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