Jon Hamm Is On Creator’s Wishlist To Play X-Men’s Cable

Entertainment Editor
01.11.16 7 Comments

Cable is the time-traveling member of the X-Men who is the son of Scott Summers and a Jean Grey clone (it’s complicated). Jon Hamm is the preternaturally attractive actor who won a Golden Globe last night. Right after Hamm won for his role in Mad Men‘s final season, the creator of Cable — pouch enthusiast Rob Liefeld — tweeted that the actor is his “Dream Future Cable pick.”

It’s not out of the realm of possibility. Although Hamm has never accepted a role in a comic book adaptation, we do know Cable is a strong contender for Deadpool 2, as director Tim Miller has said he’d be “run out of town on a rail” if Cable isn’t in the sequel. And we almost got a big screen Cable even sooner; X-Men: Apocalypse reportedly derailed an X-Force movie that was in development.

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