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Burnsy spits hot fire with this round-up of bad internet rap sensations. [Uproxx]

More leaked Chris Klein auditions [Filmdrunk]

Lost finale got almost as many viewers as the Mr. Belvedere finale. [WarmingGlow]

8 signs that you’re getting old [Guyism]

74 funny faces in objects [Urlesque]

And then the front fell off (here’s what they’re referencing, if you’ve missed that classic) [Fark]

Study finds red meat isn’t linked to heart disease, strokes, or diabetes . . . unless it’s salted or cured.  They’ll have to pry my beef jerky from my cold dead hands (probably pretty soon). [Asylum]

A gallery of bootleg Batman merchandise [ComicsAlliance]

This reporter is terrible at stealing cars, gifted at injuring himself. [CollegeHumor]

VIDEO BELOW: To celebrate the release of their “Mystery Team” DVD yesterday, Derrick Comedy has a new sketch: “Thomas Jefferson” (NSFW language) [via /film]

[Thanks to Burnsy for the picture.]

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