Now People Are Getting Trapped In Mud Pits While Playing ‘Pokemon Go’

Shutterstock / The Pokémon Company

The Pokemon Go craze that has swept the nation has led to some inadvertently comical moments snatching up national headlines. Usually when someone does something foolish while playing a video game it remains between them, their dog, their bag of Cheetos, and bottle of Mountain Dew, yet Pokemon Go transcends the living room and pits humanity against their natural habitat and failing. Sort of. People have been caught trying to catch ’em all in places like Rihanna concerts, Beyonce concerts or even while around police officers who have no clue what you are trying to do with your phone.

The latest, strange tidbit of news revolving around Pokemon Go sees a New York man wander off into his back yard at 2am only to find himself lost in the woods, waist-deep in mud and unable to pull himself out. No, this wasn’t a young man, even, it was a 62-year-old man, proving that Pokemon transcends age boundaries as well. This man simply had to catch ’em all and his own, personal safety took a backseat to what we’d have to hope is a rather rare Pokemon hanging out in the swamp.

The man called 911 where they used his phone’s location and an officer’s phone’s location to lead the officer to the swamp and pull him out. There has been no word on if he was able to catch whichever Pokemon he was looking for or if he’ll brave that same swamp again in the future.

He should be thankful that he didn’t run into Swamp Thing, though. There’s no telling how Swamp Thing reacts to Pokemon Go hunters in his swamp.

(Via The AP)