This Woman Went Pokemon Hunting While Front Row At A Beyonce Concert

Beyonce concert tickets are pricey as hell. And even pricier if you want to catch a bead of holy Bey sweat from the front row. But that didn’t matter to this fan who just had to “catch em all” while in the presence of Queen Bey herself.

An ungrateful member of the BeyHive is facing major backlash after being recorded playing Pokemon Go while at one of Beyonce’s recent European stops of her Formation world tour. The man recording the video was in complete shock at how the fan totally ignored Beyonce’s performance of “Me, Myself and I” in favor of spotting a Pokemon or two at the massive venue.

“This bitch is playing Pokemon! She’s playing Pokemon while Beyonce’s singing!” the angry fan yelled in disbelief. “F*ckin’ Pokemon. Look at where she is! She’s next to the stage. This is the stage and this b*tch is playing Pokemon!”

Super fans who would sell their newborns for a chance at being so close to Beyonce that they can smell her lemonade-flavored breath are livid at the mystery fan’s actions and are taking to Twitter to voice their disapproval. “B*tch why are you at a Beyoncé concert IN THE PIT CATCHING POKEMON WHILE BEY IS ON STAGE IN FRONT OF YOU OMG I HATE YALL,” one pissed off BeyHive member tweeted. Another fan just couldn’t understand how does one pay a crazy amount of money for Beyonce tickets and then play Pokemon instead of basking in the presence of greatness, tweeting “HOW, just HOW do you go to a Beyoncé concert, have pit tickets, and playing Pokemon while Beyoncé is on stage singing?”

Beats me, but it would’ve been cool if a wild Pokemon did pop up on stage. Still, Pokemon hunting while at a Beyonce concert is grounds for expulsion.