Paramount Snatches The Last Man Standing

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08.12.10 4 Comments

In news that should surprise no one who saw this coffee-table-book sized comic’s premier at San Diego Comic Con, Paramount has bought the rights to Daniel LuVisi’s Last Man Standing: Killbook of a Bounty Hunter with plans to turn it into a franchise. Also not shocking: it’s about a wrongly-convicted soldier on the lam who is kicking ass in the future.

Daniel Luvisi first created and illustrated Last Man Standing as an art-filled coffee table book based on the life of Gabriel, an invincible soldier in alternate universe set 600 years in the future.   Heavy Metal intends to publish a Last Man Standing graphic novel, and producer Scott Aversano (The Last Airbender) will work with Luvisi to bring Gabriel to the multiplex. [Collider]

On the official site, they promise “laughing, crying, sex, violence, robots, ninjas, burlesque girls, body builder sharks and sh-t you wouldn’t fathom.”  I like where this is going, but will there be dinosaurs? A monster-hunter with boob cannons?  Meerkats in watermelons?  A sharkdog?  A gentleman yeti?  I have very refined tastes.

More pics and a preview after the jump:

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