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12.22.09 4 Comments

Silly hat party! Hat up or GTFO, Rose McGowan!

It’s been four years since Sin City opened to both profitible screenings and decent reviews, but the sequel is still in development.  Frank Miller wrote a script for it in 2007, containing some new material not in any of the graphic novels.  SciFiWire interviewed Robert Rodriguez and got an update on Sin City 2:

“I can’t say no, because I don’t know it’s no,” a noncommittal Rodriguez told a group of press. “I know [Sin City creator and co-director] Frank [Miller] wants to do it, I know I wanna do it, and it’s always sort of a ‘time permitting’ kind of thing, but it’s not like I can tell you definitely we’re starting. It’s not my next picture, I know that. [That] doesn’t mean that it’s not the picture right after, because that’s still a possibility. We still talk about doing that as early as later next year, but I haven’t gotten into that yet.”

So it’s not his next movie, but it may be the movie after that, or perhaps not.  Maybe the cat in the box is doing fine, maybe Frank suffocated it to feel alive, maybe I’ll have vodka for breakfast. One thing is for sure, knowing Hollywood, they’ll make the Magliozzis vampires, turn the Irish mercenaries into werewolves, and bring back Brittany Murphy to play Shellie as a zombie.  Too soon?

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