‘Undercover Boss’ Kylo Ren From The SNL Skit Gets His Own Action Figure

01.22.16 2 years ago 2 Comments

Adam Driver reprised his role of Kylo Ren (Star Wars: The Force Awakens) for a Saturday Night Live skit in which the First Order Commander goes undercover at Starkiller Base as “Matt the radar technician” for an episode of CBS show Undercover Boss. The skit turned out to be one of the most popular videos SNL has put out in awhile, and understandably so. Picturing that petulant brat trying to fit in among the rank and file First Order members makes for several funny moments.

And because every Star Wars character — however obscure — seems to get an action figure eventually, why not Matt the radar technician? (It’s not canon, you say? Shush, you.) Jim Heston of Toy Addicts has answered the call. He employed his custom toymaking skills in crafting this alternate version of Kylo Ren, complete with maintenance supplies and a lightsaber you don’t have to look at if you don’t think it’s cool.

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