Sofia Boutella In Talks To Be ‘The Mummy’ Tom Cruise Is Fighting

Sofia Boutella is a classically trained dancer (and break-dancer) who had a breakout role as Gazelle in Kingsman: The Secret Service. Her knife-legged badassery landed her gigs in Star Trek Beyond and The Coldest City, and now she may have secured the titular role in The Mummy, part of Universal’s plan to reboot their Universal Monsters as a shared universe.

We’d already heard Universal had two scripts from Jon Spaihts (Prometheus), one with a male mummy and one with a female mummy. It appears they chose the female-led one. There was also a rumor Universal wanted Tom Cruise to play a present day Navy Seal who happens upon the Mummy while on a mission to find a terrorist group. According to the rumor, Cruise’s character might appear in other movies in the shared universe. Now The Hollywood Reporter is confirming the Mummy will be female, and Tom Cruise is “in negotiations to star in the modern-day set movie that Alex Kurtzman is helming and Universal will release March 24, 2017.”

Well, if they’re really serious about doing a shared universe thing with Universal Monsters, at least we may get to see Tom Cruise get beaten up by a woman who defied the odds to become a dancer despite having knives for legs. What a feel-good news story for the holidays. What do you mean, she doesn’t really have knives for legs? Wait, SHE DOESN’T? Christmas is canceled.

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)