You Better Believe That Sony Is Still Planning That Shared ‘Spider-Man’ Movie Universe

You might remember back before Marvel and Sony became pals over Spider-Man, there were plans for a shared-universe featuring multiple different films based upon Spider-Man and his rogues gallery. There was Venom, a female superteam, and the highly touted Sinister-Six. It all seem to be heading along smoothly until Sony decided to can Andrew Garfield and create the brand new Spider-Man we saw in Captain America: Civil War.

You might think that Spider-Man’s appearance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe has put a dash on any plans for a Spider-Man series of films, but that’s not the case according to The Hollywood Reporter. They interviewed Sony movie head Tom Rothman and learned that the shared-Spiderverse is coming and Marvel still has the creative reins:

Since you teamed with Marvel, do you plan to make a whole Spider-Man universe? Do you have plans for more work with Marvel?
Yes to both those questions. It’s been fantastic, our relationship with Marvel.

Who has greenlight authority?
Sony has the ultimate authority. But we have deferred the creative lead to Marvel, because they know what they’re doing. We start shooting the new Spider-Man in Atlanta [in mid-June].

Now what would this entail? We certainly wouldn’t be getting the same plans as before, at least not in the same for. According to Screen Crush, a possible Silver Sable film is back on track and that might blossom into a full on female super team. With Marvel’s influence, you could see Black Widow get involved or any other number of female heroes from Marvel’s roster.

We also know that a Venom movie is back on track with Sony and could very well spin-off from Spider-Man: Homecoming after it hits theaters next year. The exciting notion is that all of this is happening with influence from Marvel. That door is open and there’s no reason to close it now.

(Via The Hollywood Reporter / Screen Crush)