Space Nazi Movie Begins Filming. Really.

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We hate mooninite Nazis, but we love reporting news about mooninite Nazi flick move the crew to Australia, a fitting stand-in for the desolate moonscape as long as they CGI out all the kangaroos wearing sunglasses (they’re everywhere down there).  When last we wrote about the film, they were raising money with a YouTube campaign.  They raised 15% of their $8.5 million budget from 52 internet donors, and their fundraising activity continues:

In keeping with their DIY roots, the filmmakers launched a campaign to get their picture into theaters through the online Demand to See Iron Sky campaign. Producers also invite potential fans to pay what they want, starting at 1 euro (about $1.50) to grab a sneak peek of the film’s first five minutes. [Wired]

$1.50 for five minutes?  It better tell me what it’s wearing.
Set photos and video from the first day of shooting after the jump:

Stephanie Paul plays the President of the United States. Remind you of anyone?

Götz Otto and Julia Dietze play Nazis from the moon, which looks awesome on a resume.

Tilo Prückner plays a Nazi scientist.

Hell yes, space monkey.

Christopher Kirby plays James Washington.  I’m assuming he’s not playing a Nazi.  Could be wrong.

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