New Set Photos From ‘Suicide Squad’ Show Harley Quinn In Tattoo Gun-Wielding Action

Twitter works wonders for movie promotion in the social media age, and Suicide Squad director David Ayer knows how to use the platform to his movie’s advantage. He dropped some new photos to keep those comic-fan fires burning, which is necessary after the long month since the film’s official trailer premiered. Fans must wait until next August 5th for the full movie, so Ayer knew it was time to drop more hints. These photos are appropriately gritty and promise some realism amongst a surely stylized, comic-book aesthetic.

During our last update, we saw a photo revealing Harley Quinn’s origin story. Ayer is wisely keeping the focus upon the internet’s favorite supervillainess. Now Ayer’s showing us Harley in action with her tattoo gun at the ready. These photos are somehow even better than the magnificent fan art (which looked pretty darn real) that showed Harley admiring her handiwork upon the Joker.

Are you ready for the real deal?

Check out the nifty sign for Harley Quinn’s Tattoo Parler Parlour first.

That’s enough of a tease, already. Here’s Harley with her most prized weapon in hand.

Here’s the final product in the form of Jai Courtney’s arm.

Meanwhile, Will Smith got jiggy with Joel Kinnaman for a fresh tattoo.

Ayer also Tweeted a photo of the official shooting script, which surely has some heft for the hand and makes it much easier to step into character, especially if one isn’t as method as Jared Leto every moment of the day.