‘Suicide Squad’ Is More Popular Than Even ‘Star Wars’ Online

Suicide Squad is quickly shaping up to be DC’s bid to win back the crowd after everybody went to see Batman V. Superman and nobody really loved it. It’s odd that a group of supervillains would be the big winners, but as the August release date approaches, it appears the movie’s all anybody can talk about online.

According to Deadline, ComScore, a company that tracks online conversations about movies, Suicide Squad is, by far, the most popular movie on the upcoming schedule. Surprisingly, it’s even outpacing Rogue One in internet chatter, which is especially interesting as they’re both supposed to be slightly darker takes on their respective universes. Of course, part of this can be chalked up to the movie being a month and change away, and several music videos hitting the internet.

That said, there are a few movies that probably should be worried that Harley Quinn and her sidekicks are getting so much attention. Star Trek Beyond is getting outpaced by two thirds as much internet traffic, and Margot Robbie’s own Legend of Tarzan can’t seem to get anybody interested no matter what it does. But on the bright side for Robbie, she’s got that Harley Quinn movie coming, so if nothing else, the Squad should do right by her.

(via Deadline)