The Latest ‘Suicide Squad’ TV Spots Give Us A Quick Glimpse At The Worst Of The Worst

It’s good to know that even if Suicide Squad is a bust (which it doesn’t sound like it will be), we’ll at least get thousands of awesome .gifs out of the deal. We’ve already been given a few peeks at the summer would-be blockbuster’s approach to mayhem and one-liners and now we have some fresh TV spots to comb through.

Warner Bros. has plunked two new (well, one already debuted as an NBA Finals spot) glimpses of David Ayer‘s upcoming DC Comics motion picture for the world to see. Unlike its much more grim cousin Batman v Superman, Suicide Squad leans hard into projecting fun in the midst of batsh*t ridiculous comic book insanity. Plus neato colors!

The spot we have nestled at the top manages to get new mileage out of Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” while Jared Leto’s Joker does all sorts of menacing Joker-y things and Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn adds to her impressive total of scenes stolen. Like pretty much everything that’s come out promoting Suicide Squad, you’ve got a healthy assortment of laughs and gasps to work with.

As noted earlier, we’ve already showcased the other new TV spot on this world wide web internet site when it dropped during the NBA Finals, but the version put out by Warner Bros. is crisper and we have it below for your viewing pleasure. Suicide Squad (which everyone seems to forget has former summer box office king Will Smith in the cast) is set to hit theaters on August 7.

(via io9)