Episodes Of ‘Supergirl’ And ‘NCIS: LA’ Have Been Postponed In The Wake Of The Paris Attacks

11.16.15 2 years ago 5 Comments
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As you almost certainly know, Paris was struck by a coordinated, multi-site terrorist attack on Friday that left at least 129 dead and injured hundreds. France has since launched bombing strikes on ISIS targets in Syria.

Due to this tragic and still unfolding situation, CBS is making the move to postpone episodes of Supergirl and NCIS: LA that happen to feature terrorism-themed storylines. The Supergirl episode, entitled “How Does She Do It?” dealt with Supergirl heading off a series of terrorist bombings. The episode will be replaced by “Livewire,” a Thanksgiving-themed story. The postponed NCIS: LA episode, entitled “Defectors” revolved around ISIS recruiting in the Los Angeles area. It will be replaced by an episode titled “The Long Goodbye.” In addition to the rescheduling going on at CBS, TNT has also announced they’re postponing tonight’s episode of Legends.

Not every network or cable channel is changing their programming in response to the Paris attacks. Showtime’s Homeland aired its regularly scheduled episode, as did ABC’s Quantico. Of course, both these shows are focused squarely on terrorism, so switching out an episode for something more feel-good wouldn’t have really been possible. The only option would be to not air an episode altogether.

As of now, it isn’t known when the postponed episodes of SupergirlNCIS: LA and Legends will be shown, although I have a feeling they may stay postponed for a while as the world continues to react to this tragic story.

(Via Deadline)

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