The Best Counterprotest Signs at Comic Con

07.23.10 8 years ago 7 Comments

The assgiraffes at the Westboro Baptist Church decided to

Church members had intended to hold their protest for an hour, but in the face of 150 to 200 counter-protesting, costumed fans carrying signs that read everything from “Odin is God” to “God loves Gay Robin,” they gave up early. [Blastr]

Wait, just one hour of standing around and they couldn’t even stick it out that long?  Lame.  You guys aren’t going to get your pictures in the paper when you stand around for less than an hour and have to compete with girls like the ones pictured to the right holding a sign that says “Free spankings for Jesus.”

After the jump are a couple of videos and 12 pictures of some of the funny signs, including “Have you seen my keys?”, “Odin is God”, “Is this thing on?”, and (my personal favorite) a cardboard sign with an arrow pointed at the Westboro taintbadgers that simply said, “DERP“.

Video interview with Gail Simone from the protest (click on the picture to start the video), via ComicsAlliance [Thanks to Nunaya for the link.]

[Sources: ComicsAlliance, io9, BleedingCool, RyanHaylett, and Blastr]

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