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02.08.10 2 Comments

CORRECTION: Endgadget reports that this polymer film is actually a ViP Interactive Foil developed by Visual Planet.  Displax and Visual Planet have been partners in the past, but aren’t anymore.  Catfight!

Portuguese company Displax has invented a multi-touch screen made of a polymer film that is thinner than paper, can be attached to almost any surface (including curves), and ranges in size from 7 inches to 3 meters diagonal.  The 50-inch model pictured can respond to as many as 16 contact points simultaneously, so you and your pet octopus can use it together.

The technology works by a grid of nanowires placed throughout the film recognizing touch screen interactivity. These input signals are then passed to a microprocessor controller that analyzes the data and determines the exact location where the contact took place. The hypersensitive lightweight “skin” features air movement detection as well as touch sensitivity, so will, for what is thought to be the first time, react to a user blowing on it, registering both the intensity and direction of the air flow. [GizMag]

It’s also 98% transparent, so I can stick it on a window and stare at my neighbors while surfing for voyeur cam videos.  And it will know how heavily I’m breathing on it.  If it could also feel creeped out but unable to leave, this would be a dream come true.

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