What’s the Latest Stunning Twist in Batman Comics?

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11.04.10 4 Comments

You might think, from that image, that they’ve finally decided to make all that gay subtext text (and seriously, who approved the cover that looks like two Batmen pulling a train on Robin?), but fortunately, it’s something far less ridiculous and more interesting. But first, some context, heavy on the spoiler sauce with stuff you should know already.

First off, Bruce Wayne supposedly died. As you might have guessed, considering he’s DC’s most popular property, Batman did not stay messed with for long, although the arcs featuring Dick Grayson and Batman’s son Damien Wayne as Batman and Robin actually worked pretty well. But Bruce is back, as you might have guessed from the creepy Bat-train, so Grant Morrison had to cap his run off with another shocking twist:

Yep, Bruce Wayne announced he was the funding behind Batman, and has founded Batman Incorporated. This is the launch of a new book, and should be interesting to watch, especially since Bruce just painted a huge target on his back.

[ via The DC Comics Blog ]

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