When Will We Get A Beer-Fetching Robot?

05.28.10 8 years ago 5 Comments

Steve Norris of Norris Labs just introduced DVICE to his “Beverage Delivery System”, comprised of Baxter the ButlerBot and his faithful unfeeling metal companion RoboFridge.  This is easily the second-coolest beer delivery system I’ve seen.  Sorry, Baxter and RoboFridge, but you don’t have a gun.

The ButlerBot uses encoder-based navigation until he detects RoboFridge’s infrared beacon and switches to beacon navigation.  He commands the fridge to open when he reaches the approach pad (a fancy way of saying “the electrical tape on the floor”).  ButlerBot switches to line navigation to follow the tape trail to the fridge, and then docks with the fridge (they’re gay now).

Below is the proof of concept videOH MY GOD IS THAT TRASH CAN FETCHING A FRESCA?  How is this built? I need schematics, pronto.  I am so ready to trust all my beverage needs to something that looks like a Dalek.

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