Why Was an iPhone Launched Into Space?

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10.14.10 3 Comments

iPhones have been put through a lot of abuse; slammed into walls, smashed with sledgehammers, shot, blended, you name it. But only one man has ever launched one into space, and gotten the Awesomest Father Ever Award for doing it.

Performed by the Brooklyn Space Program, which we’re pretty sure is just some dude and his son, the idea was to send an HD camcorder and an iPhone into space, using a weather balloon. The iPhone would be the communications system, mostly a GPS beacon, and the camera, of course, would get pictures. Yes, this was a father/son project. Yes, this man is an awesome dad.

The footage, described as some of the best amateur space footage ever collected, is under the jump. Watch the whole thing, especially when the balloon finally pops; it’s…memorable.

[ via Cult of Mac, thanks to Dormammu for the tip ]

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