‘Wonder Woman’ Shows Off The Amazon In Some New Photos

Wonder Woman is a little less than a year away from theaters, but next week at Comic-Con, we’ll likely be getting a more detailed look at Diana’s adventures during World War I. As a taste, Entertainment Weekly has posted a few pictures of what to expect.

The photos don’t come with a ton of context, so for those unfamiliar, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice introduced Wondy as a woman searching for a specific photo Lex Luthor had stolen, of her and her regiment in World War I. Considering that nobody in the twenty-first century has heard of Wonder Woman or seems to know who she is, it’s implied that the “Great War” wasn’t so great for the Amazon or her friends, and that’s she’s spent the last century undercover. Although it’s hard to argue with a woman who has a sword.

Galdot, in an attached interview, weighs in on Wondy’s mindset as she finds the war in progress:

She’s a young idealist who’s been taught that the world is very simple: it’s black or white, bad or good. It’s how she was raised. It’s what she believes in and there is something charming about the simplistic way in which she sees the world… There is no such thing as only good and bad, black or white. It’s complicated.

As for Chris Pine, he’s playing Steve Trevor. In the comics, Steve is a pilot who crashes into Themiscyra, the fictional island the Amazons retreated to because they were sick of “Man’s World,” and Diana followed him out to see if she couldn’t make the world a better place. From what we’ve seen elsewhere, it appears Diana finds her way into our world of her own accord, and Trevor just helps her fit in. Well, as much as a superstrong woman who fights with an indestructible sword and shield can fit in. We’ll likely see more next week at Comic-Con.

Check out Entertainment Weekly for more images.

(Via The AV Club)