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02.17.10 5 Comments

“I hear my oven timer.  The pot brownies are done.”

Canadian superhero drama Defendor, which played at the 2009 Toronto International Film Festival, is getting a very limited theatrical release in the U.S. next Friday.  Woody Harrelson dons a homemade superhero costume and fights crime with a teenaged prostitute.  Also, he’s in a movie.

Slashfilm describes this as “part Kick-Ass, part Sopranos, and part Kpax […] and the vigilantism is more Home Alone than Death Wish.”  The new trailer is below, proving that the right music makes anything seem ten times awesomer.  It also proves that life is totally unfair.  When I make a homemade superhero costume (Multiple Miggs Man) and throw things at people, I just end up having to inform all my neighbors that I live in their neighborhood.  I regret nothing.

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