Worst Death Ever: Car Crash With A Flatbed Trailer Hauling 17,000,000 Bees

05.27.10 8 years ago 4 Comments

In today’s OMFG THAT’S THE WORST POSSIBLE WAY TO EVER DIE EVER FOREVER EVER news, a four-vehicle crash leaves two dead after they collide with a flatbed lorry carrying Bed Bath & Beyond pillows Mickey Mouse gloves angel wings 17,000,000 bees. The crash occurred near Minneapolis, Minnesota as the tractor trailer was transporting 7,000 beehives to a honey factory.

Rescue crews armed with fire hoses had to battle an angry swarm of bees after a flatbed lorry carrying 17million of the insects was caught in a fatal crash.

It is unclear if they [the two victims] were stung to death or if they died as a result of injuries received in the crash.

Rescuers were forced to stay in emergency vehicles until the worst of the angry swarm could be brought under control. Three hours after the accident, they were still spraying the air with fire hoses in an effort to keep the bees away. [DailyMail(UK)]

Here, let me pick my jaw back up off the floor, because that sounded like the sh–tiest thing that could ever happen to a person. The only way that could get any worse for you is if moments before the crash you came to the realization that you really badly had to crap. Officials are unsure as to how many bees escaped the trailer, but what they do know is that today’s end score remains: Bees-1, Humans-0.

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