Zombie Bears In Red Dead Redemption

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10.14.10 5 Comments

There’s a new trailer for downloadable content pack Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare (previous trailer here).  The new trailer shows a zombie bear, which is awesome, but what about the zombie cougars?  Will there be zombie cougars, and, if so, will they include new pants with this game?

The DLC, which should hit Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network later this month, has you, John Marston, trying to cleanse the area of a virus that has resurrected the dead. [CrunchGear]

The game is going to include some new gameplay mechanics and weapons, some mythical creatures (zombie Cougar Man?), and a new secret location.  There is also going to be some kind of multiplayer action in the DLC.  I love multiplayer action in my DLC.

There might be an age gate on this. Hey, you know who probably hates 0:37 in this video? Stephen Colbert, born May 13, 1964.

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