50 Cent Uses Instagram To Mock Tiffany Haddish’s Oscars Dress

Noted internet prankster/bully 50 Cent has been especially active with his Instagram ridicule lately, using the social platform to needle longtime foes like Ja Rule and Wendy Williams for their various misfortunes. However, his latest antics have been downright mean. While his subtle jab at the recently hospitalized Rick Ross was cruel but expected, his commentary on Tiffany Haddish’s Oscars dress might have been way too far for some.

Though Haddish explained during a red carpet interview that she wore the traditional gown to honor her late father’s heritage, it seems 50 didn’t care for the elaborate look. Posting a red carpet photo of Haddish from last night’s ceremony, 50 captioned her Eritrean-inspired look, “What the F*ck! ??‍♂️who did this to my b*tch? LOL.”

However, since then, the comments have been flooded with Eritrean flag emojis and comments censuring the 42-year-old rapper-actor for being culturally insensitive. “You are advertising your ignorance & you are [an] embarrassment,” wrote one commenter. “Sadly you don’t even know your roots, cultureless lost soul… Use some of your money & visit Africa.”

Meanwhile, his post addressing Rick Ross’ hospitalization was more indirect, but no less vicious. Posting a screen still of Russian boxer Ivan Drago, the antagonist from Rocky IV, without a caption, the implication for pop culture aficionados was clear. 50 indirectly said, in the words of the famous lines Drago utters in the film, “If he dies, he dies.” Ouch. Of course, the debate over the taste level of that post also rages on in the comments, even two days later.

Even for a rapper who’s long courted controversy, 50 is throwing a lot of salt these days. Many fans might prefer it if he stuck to using his social media to advertise his film and TV projects, but if he did, he just wouldn’t be 50 Cent.