Ab-Soul Thinks We All Need To Be Feminists For Our Mothers’ Sakes

Ab-Soul may have toed the line courtesy of a question mark on the DWTW track “God’s A Girl?” But down here on earth, Soulo wants everyone to know that he’s all about female empowerment. The TDE rapper explained that he considers himself a feminist who is “all for women’s rights and the equality of the sexes” in a new interview with XXL.

Soul told the magazine that that every man needs to do their part to work toward full gender equality for the sake of the women in their lives.

“It’s very important for us to speak on equality of the sexes because we all have mothers, we all have little sisters,” he affirms. “Speaking for men, we’re gonna be the father of daughters and the cycle continues. And we need to make sure that just as we’re as sensitive about these women in our lives, we need to be sensitive about all of them… We need to extend that relationship outside of the immediate family to the whole world, to mankind.”

Asked about that question mark on his album’s theological track, Ab-Soul said he’s leaning toward the creator being female, largely due to the presence of his mother.

“I don’t have anything written in stone. I’m leaning toward God being a girl,” he said. “It’s kinda like intangible. It’s a feeling that is unmatched. It’s like the umbilical cord is still there in a way. When you do wrong, sometimes you think about what your mom would say, you know what I mean, these type of things. And that type of conscious is similar to that of a higher power.”

As you might expect, Ab-Soul was among the celebrities expressing support for the Women’s March, though he did it in his own unique way. After the march was over, Soul opened up a dialogue on his Twitter to hopefully better understand the concerns of people who participated.

He re-tweeted answers to his followers and then asked what men can do to help.

Sure, his tactics a bit messy. “Womanogamy” is also on DWTW, after all. But at least we can tell Ab-Soul is trying. Check out his whole interview up top.