Portland Rapper Amine’s Newspaper On The ‘Good For You’ Album Cover Is A Covert Art Project

Portland rapper Amine has one of the most unique, creative, and hilarious rap album covers in recent memory, and as promotion for Good For You — releasing June 28th — he’ll be giving out copies of the newspaper he’s reading on the outrageous cover art.

Amine has been busy promoting his upcoming debut with stellar music videos, like the one for “Wedding Crashers,” and special guest appearances of rap legends like Missy Elliott on the remix of his single, “Red Mercedes,” and popping up on the cover of the 2017 XXL Freshman list, but this might be his most interesting marketing gambit yet.

The unconventional “Caroline” rapper tweeted that the newspaper on the cover of Good For You is not only real, but he’s been working on it for year, and it will be entitled, The Good For You Post. Best of all, he’ll be giving out free copies to fans who visit special installations in his hometown of Portland, New York and Los Angeles. He revealed that the personal project will not only feature contributions from himself and fellow musicians Steve Lacy and Madeintyo, but will also have words from Amine’s mother. It’s the sort of interest-building promotional scheme that will set him apart from other rappers who might simply release a few videos and a do a tour, and we’d love to see more artists taking this route. We’ll see if it pays off on June 28th. You can see more info on Amine’s Instagram and Twitter.