Barack Obama Made His Debut On The ‘Billboard’ Charts This Week Thanks To A ‘Hamilton’ Remix

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In December 2017, Lin-Manuel Miranda began the Hamildrops series, a collection of songs related to his famed Hamilton play that would be shared one at a time, once per month. The series wrapped up last month in perhaps the most appropriate way possible: The final release, “One Last Time (44 Remix),” features Barack Obama reciting a passage from George Washington’s Farewell Address. Chart-wise, the song has performed well enough to give Obama his Billboard debut: On the Hot R&B Songs chart dated January 5, “One Last Time (44 Remix)” premiered at No. 22. It fared better on the R&B/Hip-Hop Digital Song Sales chart, which it also entered this week at No. 15.

Obama has shown plenty of love for Hamilton in the past: He invited the show’s cast to perform at the White House in 2016, and said at the time:

“In each brilliantly crafted song, we hear the debates that shaped our nation, and we hear the debates that are still shaping our nation. We feel the fierce, youthful energy that animated the men and women of Hamilton’s generation. […] Hamilton is not just for people who can score a ticket to a pricey Broadway show. It is a story for all of us, and about all of us. […] We hope that this helps every teacher who’s spent hours trying to make the Federalist Papers teenager-friendly. We hope that the remarkable life of Alexander Hamilton will show our young people the possibilities within themselves, and how much they can achieve in the span of a lifetime.”

Listen to “One Last Time (44 Remix)” above.