Belly Accurately Predicted Jay Z Signing After Putting Out ‘Up For Days’

Belly recently stopped by DJ Whoo Kid’s Whoolywood Shuffle as part of his promo tour for his latest mixtape, Another Day In Paradise. The XO representer chopped it up about his first time meeting Jay Z and his decision to sign with Roc Nation. Belly said he was listening to his mixtape, Up For Days, with friends and thought one of his lines was good enough to grab Jay Z’s attention. And that’s pretty much exactly what happened since Belly’s also a soothsayer, obviously.

“It crazy because when I put out Up For Days, I was talking about specific bars from the tape like, ‘Man I know if Jay Z hear some sh*t like this he’ll go crazy,'” The “Might Not” rapper revealed. “We were in a room in New York, smoking out and talking sh*t. Like, ‘If Jay heard that bar he’d go crazy. I know it!’ Two weeks later, we get the call, like, “Yo, Jay Z wants meet you.”

Belly said the fact that Jay Z didn’t talk business on their first meeting played a major role in deciding to signing with Roc Nation, explaining, “He was never like, ‘This is what I can do for you. These are the budgets.’ None of that.” Adding, “We had a life conversation. When I left that, I was like, ‘That’s somebody that’s more concerned with me as a brand than just the moment or single. That’s what really made me feel comfortable going where I went.” Hopefully, it works out for him.